Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Facing Giants

This morning we spent several hours working on the new boys transition home. This is a house for boys aging out of the orphanages looking for something better for their their future. It is an alternative to joining a gang and living on the streets or going back to negative family situations. The home will house up to 8 boys and a director. The kids will learn how to manage housework, school, a job and Christian studies all with a mentor.
This afternoon we visited an all boys orphanage. We were able to share stories and testimonies, paint faces, play soccer and more!
"Things that I have seen this week are going to forever change my outlook on life. I grew up with a mom and dad. I always had a roof over my head. Being around all of these children has been both a heartbreaking, yet humbling & positive experience. It really doesn't take a lot to make these kids smile. Feeding the homeless was also an unforgettable experience. The people were so happy to get not only food, but a cardboard box to use as shelter. What a beautiful experience ... And it's only Tuesday" ~Dave Price
Wednesday we will be back at CIPI with the teen moms, teen girls, young boys and girls, small special needs kids, and babies. Please pray for us as we bring Bible School to the kids tomorrow and try to  show Christ's love through all we do.

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