Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What a wonderful way to live!

Today we finished the house! How amazing that we can change every day of this family's life from here on out just by working for a day and a half. A few hours. A few hundred dollars. Such a small sacrifice for abundant blessings! 
After the completion of the house, we delivered food to the surrounding community. The people were so gracious and humble to receive our gift. We offered to pray for them and they didn't hesitate to accept our prayers and share their needs. 
It's easy to think about our own virtues when we're giving; our love, our selflessness,  our compassion. But what about the virtues of those who receive? These people were so humble to accept our prayers and our help. If someone came to my door and asked to pray for me, my first reaction would be to think that I don't  need their prayers. I have my stuff, my health, and my family. Its troubling to think I wouldn't eagerly accept a prayer but it is honest. My new prayer is that I will never be too self-sufficient for the grace of God. When it comes down to it,  we are all here for the very same reason: to glorify God. Whether rich or poor, we must seek to honor Him with our actions, lifestyle, possessions, and work. I don't know why God gave me what seems to be easier circumstances, and the people here  harder ones, but I DO know that we are each responsible for using those circumstances for His glory. I am no better or worse because of my circumstances. I'm simply called to be obedient. That's what we're all called to do, whether we're on a dirt floor in El Salvador, or a clean, carpeted one in America. The beautiful thing is that we are able to fulfill the purpose of glorifying God together. We unite from different situations and lives to give and receive and mutually bless one another. What a wonderful way to live! - Nicki


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