Thursday, July 18, 2013

All things new...

                                                 “And he who was seated on the throne 
                                     ‘Behold I am making all things new.’ And he also said,
                                 ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’”
                                                                   -Revelation 21:5

This verse was repeating over and over again in my head today as I walked through Guirola, a special needs orphanage. This place is full of kids of all ages with various disabilities. Unlike most government run orphanages, this one was spotless. There was no stench in the air and the kids were clean. They were loved on by their caretakers and seen as human beings, not part of a job description that had to be tended to. This facility offers several different therapy programs to help the kids improve in their various conditions whether mental or physical. The programs and care these kids are experiencing is unbelievable in light of where they have come from. Due to a series of events in the El Salvadorian government, many of them have just been recently moved from other very poorly run government orphanages where their health was quickly declining to this new facility where their health is improving rapidly. For years, many of us who had seen the heartbreaking situation these kids were in had been praying that God would implement new authority and provide resources to improve the facilities. He answered. It was an answer far greater than anything we could’ve imagined. These kids have been moved to one central, clean location where they are finally receiving the proper care for their conditions. It was a breath of fresh air to see all the progress and the familiar smiles of those precious kids. God is making things new here in El Salvador. He is bringing newness to the staff and administration of these orphanages, He is renewing kids’ handicaps, and He is answering the prayers of many in a fresh, new way. Thank you God that your words are trustworthy and true. I can’t wait until the day when ALL things are made new.

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