Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Not Forgotten...

Another early start to the day.   We left to go get supplies to fill the house we built yesterday.  When we arrived at the house we had some finishing touches to do.  There was a door to fix, stairs to be built, and a house to be furnished.  There was a bustle among the team.  Sounds of hammering, sawing, laughter, and children playing quickly filled the air.  

Two beds were placed inside with a table and benches, 2 rocking chairs, and some kitchen supplies.  It was simple.  It was home.  

It amazes me that this house and the things we place in this house overwhelm the people receiving it.  

They are so appreciative of something so simple.  Something that seems like not enough to the average American, but adequate for two people who have been living in a house made of sticks, dried leaves, and plastic.  

Now they have 4 walls, a metal roof, and they each have a bed.  They have a home.  They were neglected by their family.  

They are still fully accepted and by God.  They have not been forgotten.  ~ Melissa

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