Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A house in a day?

Starfish and Sus Hijos have joined to build many homes for many needy people, but never before have we done a home in a day!  Both organizations primarily help children in need. We often partner to build homes  for children that are at risk to be taken from their families because of such extreme poverty (malnutrition, starvation, neglect because of no  place to sleep). On Monday we joined to build a home for an old man and woman that were living in extreme poverty, the couple literally would have had no where to sleep if we had taken more than a day to build their new house!

The task seemed Impossible, to tear down one, build another, and move them in, all within the light of one day!  When we found the rockiest ground imaginable, and it was 3:00 in the afternoon, the auger bit was broken,  we were still using shovels, picks and our hands to dig the holes for the posts that the house sits on, it seemed an insurmountable task!  Praise God, the rest of the project went pretty smooth' and at dusk, the woman (who says she is in her 90s, but can't remember for sure exactly how old she is) was carried into her newly completed home! 

Monday was a long, hard, but VERY rewarding day!

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