Monday, March 20, 2023

Sunday Funday!

Sunday the team had a lot of fun in a local village. Here’s first hand experiences from a couple of our team members …
Being in el salvador has opened my perspective on how these people actually live a day to day life. Today, we were able to host a festival where kids from neighboring villages came to have their face painted, play sports, listen to music, sit in on a storytelling, and enjoy food. Personally, I loved this part of the day as kids always have a soft spot in my heart. I was able to bond with kids over the few words of spanish I know, and even play soccer with a group of boys! Seeing the smiles on their faces warms my heart, as I know if I were in that situation I would be so excited to participate in such activities.

Later in the day we grabbed bags of food, rice, beans, and water and donated them to local villages. We were also able to provide religious scripture so if wanted, those people would have an outlet for themselves. At each house, we prayed over their well being and wished them a safe and healthy life, as all in the community deserve. On the walk I was able to spot a lot of animals, especially cows. These cows were bone skinny, and it looked like they hadn’t eaten in days. It was especially sad to see how poverty had effected not only the families but the environment, I’m just grateful that our group was able to give back to at least a few families.
We ended the day off with games and activities at a local sports plex with the transition home kids. I loved being able to play soccer not only with just my friends, but new ones that I had made here with the transition house kids. Soccer got pretty intense, and there were a few bruises, but it was an amazing way to bond and detach from the world.
I had an amazing day yesterday. We helped out at a huge festival for the locals. I was stationed at the balloon animals table. I made so many balloon flowers you would think I was a florist. It was worth every second seeing how happy those kids were to get a balloon.
We then gave food bags to the local residents in need. It was amazing how much they opened up to us and allowed us to pray for them. Then we got to hang out and have fun at a rec center. I was playing soccer and having a blast.
 Then I went to feed the homeless. It was just as amazing getting to help those poor people as I remember. I love coming to El Salvador to help!

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