Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tuesday, Building in a Community

Today was my favorite day so far. After getting up and ready we went straight to the building site. My group was assigned to help start building the community center; we were tasked with moving 2,000 concrete blocks about 30 meters. Also we were to dig five holes each six feet deep.
When the truck of blocks arrived we made an assembly line from it to the new site. Once we got a rhythm  the blocks were almost floating from one side to the other. We were not all needed so I occasionally switched out to dig. Digging was truly my favorite part. For me I think it was because I loved to see the progress of my own actions. Honestly, it was therapeutic!
After unloading all the bricks and eating lunch I was assigned to help paint the house. I was proud of my teammates for getting the build done so quickly. Painting was fun and relaxing and we were able to give the family a storybook Bible! The little girl could not stop looking at the colorful pictures with a big smile.
Also we got to paint the house a hot pink! I think it is cool that Sus Hijos always paints their houses a bright color (which the family gets to pick). After returning to the community center build site I immediately started digging again. Dawson Black and I would switch out; he would pick axe the dirt loose and then I would scoop it out.
I love systems and organization so I was very happy. I think I have learned a lot about myself today. Altogether the day was very rewarding; I was able to push myself physically and grow spiritually by directly being a disciple of Christ. - Alex Baez


Tuesday we went to a community  to build houses and a community center. When  we arrived at the site and started building, there were two kids. A boy, who was 7 and the a girl, who was 3. They told me they were siblings, and I talked to them for a while. They started telling me how some of their family lived with them in this small house. I think for me , when they told me that, it reminded me of the family I have in Mexico. In my grandmas house, my two aunts , my uncle and cousins all live together. Everytime I go to Mexico and stay with them I get reminded of how much they truly mean to me, being surrounded by them brings me a sense of joy land comfort, and so I felt like it must be the same with those kids, and even more so because they get to grow up with them.
Of course family’s have their share of fights but even so they always will care and love each other. Something that my parents always say is “friends come and go, but family always stays”. In that moment when those kids told me that I felt happy. Because for me, family is so important and sometimes in tough situations that’s all we need, just someone to be there for us. And the relationship that those kids had with their mom was so sweet to me. They told me their mom , grandma, grandpa,and cousin live with them. I believe your family is so so important because that’s something that never goes away. Family is always there to help you.

The relationship those two siblings had with all their family was so admirable , they hugged each other and the older brother would help his sister with simple things like opening chips, and just the way they cared and talked to each other was so admirable to me. I’m going to remember those kids faces and if anything they gave me a reminder on how meaningful it is to be surrounded with your family.
Angelique Hernandez 

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