Friday, March 24, 2023

Finishing up a great week!
Thursday we went to a resort in El Salvador and got to take a ton of kids from the St. Vincent DePaul Orphanage.
We swam with them and had a blast playing chicken and “Marco polo.” We also got to take the kids to the beach and for a lot of them it was their first time seeing the ocean!
Afterwards we all went to eat some authentic Salvadoran food at the resort. It was delicious! 
- Elle Farley
Today the whole group went to the beach to visit with boys and girls from an orphanage. At the beach all of us played games like chicken fight, marco polo, and sharks and minis with the kids in the pool.
After we played in the pool for a few hours a lot of went out to the beach where we swam in the ocean and played soccer with the kids. Then, all the students and kids came together to eat lunch which included chicken, vegetables and rice and a fruit tea drink. After we ate the students passed out gift bags to all the kids which included toys and candy.
Once the kids left and we said our goodbyes, the group got to have their own free time. Many of us played soccer and swam in the pool and relaxed in hammocks. As the sun was setting, we all headed down to the beach and took pictures of the sunset together.
After the sunset, we packed all of our stuff back up and went to eat at the restaurant. For dinner we had a classic El Salvadorian meal which included rice, beans, and papusas.
I had a fantastic time playing the kids and enjoyed the bond we shared and memories we made. The last day of the trip was one of the best and seeing all the little kids happy made me appreciate this trip even more. - Jack Butts

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