Saturday, February 15, 2020

Thursday... Construction Day!

On Thursday the team worked hard to build two homes for families in a rural mountain community. They were able to meet other families in the community as well, and for some of the students who were returning for the second time, they were able to reconnect with families they had met before!ff Below you'll find a precious story from one of the students...

"Hi! My name is Hope Hodges and I am a senior at McCracken County High School this year. It is my second time in El Salvador with McCracken and I was more than excited to get back to work in this beautiful place.Today the team built two houses, one of which happened to be right next door to one of the houses we built last year! It was pretty shocking for me to be in the same neighborhood area as last time because I was able to see how the families from last year really took care of and loved the house we built for them.Last year, I met a lady named Marline and she told me her story how her son was in prison for a crime he didn’t do and how she just wanted to see him again. Her living conditions were not good at all, but she still had faith and was so thankful. It really impacted me. I said I would pray for her and I did, all the time! Today I saw her again! I never thought I’d see her again but she immediately recognized me and gave me the largest hug. She told me her son was free that it had been sorted out and that God had answered our prayers. She said she was forever grateful and it really touched my heart.Today’s lesson: prayer is powerful. My prayers made an impact on Marline’s life and I am so happy I got to see the living proof of that today. Overall it was a wonderful day." 

On Friday the team will revisit the site to dedicate the homes and celebrate with the community!

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