Thursday, February 13, 2020

Day One for McCracken County was Eye Opening...

After a long day of travel, the team finally arrived in El Salvador on Wednesday!
They had a great meal at the States Diner and got settled in at the mission house. After getting instruction from the Sus Hijos team and organizing supplies, a portion of the team went out to feed the homeless. See some of their comments below!

Morgan Guess: Feeding the homeless tonight allowed me to see world hunger first hand. It's something I've always heard about, but this really shows not only that it is real, but also that a small group from McCracken was able to feed so many hungry people tonight.

Chaney Carney: My favorite part of feeding the homeless tonight was the realization of how El Salvador actually is. Tonight we gave out a good amount of food and we still didn't have enough for everyone which made is clear that not only is our team making a difference but we should continue to make a difference when we are able to get the chance. There's always going to be someone we can't help but we can always try to make it next time and only improve on getting better at helping people.

Isabela Smith: Feeding the homeless tonight was very heart breaking and humbling. I would do that every night if I could.

Allie Vernelson: This was a truly eye opening experience. Being able to see that you are able to be a part of bringing immediate joy to someone by simply handing them a bag of food is absolutely amazing.

Stephanie Hinz: While our team was feeding the homeless tonight, we ran across a lady wearing a donated shirt from Paducah. This reinforces for me the strong connection that our city has with the people of San Salvador. Our donations are making a difference!

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