Monday, January 20, 2020

Our day began at 7:30 with a group of 12 children from a teen boys orphanage. We drove approximately an hour and a half to an establishment known for their exclusive zip-lining; this is where we met the boys from the Orphanage. We spent around 4 hours zipping across the vast and mountainous, a 14 line course. 

 The boys from the orphanage enjoyed the activity tremendously. Once everyone had completed the course, we tracked back down the mountain and took the whole group to PolloCampero, the  El Salvadorian version of Chick Fil A. Everyone enjoyed eating with children and sharing food and good times with them. 


 We left the restaurant and headed directly to San Vicente de Paul Catholic Orphanage to interact with the kids there through a “Back to School Party.” 

(Photos are not allowed at this facility.) We had snow cones, popcorn, and lots of fun! We played games with the kids, sports, or simply just loved the children through spending time with them. After traveling back to the mission house, we all worked together to prepare the King’s Meal, a meal replicating that of what we would feed the homeless that night, consisting of a hot dog and chips. Once we had assembled the bags for the homeless and everyone had eaten, we boarded the truck and set out to feed the community’s homeless population. We fed several homeless men and women, outfitting them with sheets and pillow cases along the way. Our day was concluded at 11:30!

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