Sunday, January 19, 2020

Marshall County High School, Saturday Part 1

Today we drove to a very underprivileged community to help build a house for a family of seven. Once we arrived, we were greeted by children, grandmas, mothers, dogs, and even chickens.There was one boy in particular who started trying to speak to me first thing after we came off the bus. 
Little did I know, I would grow to be one of his favorites throughout the day, even though we couldn’t understand one bit of each other. 

I noticed the house they were currently living in was very different from the ones we have back home. There were holes in the walls, no mattresses on the bed, no toilet, no sink. That is why I was eager to get started on this new house for them. 

We started the house building process by laying the foundation down, nailing the walls windows, painting the house, then moving the furniture in. 

I am so glad God called us to build in that particular community. After we got done feeding the community, we split into groups and asked each family what they’d like us to pray for in particular. One woman with three boys hesitantly said “my children, I am a single mom and it is very hard.” then started to cry. That immediately had an affect on us and we started to cry as well. While we stood around that family and every other family we prayed for, I felt the spirit of God surround us. It was a very powerful feeling and a very emotional day. 

Emma Smith

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