Saturday, January 18, 2020

Marshall County High School, Friday in El Salvador

Our day started by visiting the adult special needs group in San Martin. We took a tour of the facilities and then spent the remainder of the time playing with them. There was music, face painting, balloon animals, and a puppet show. All the adults there were very excited to see us and it was a great experience to bring some fun activities that they don't always experience.

After that we went to a children’s special needs facility. (For the privacy of the children there, cameras were not allowed.) The kids there really liked to play and we stayed there for quite some time. We played bouncy balls, soccer, and there was a playground with multiple swing sets. While I was there I thought about something that was said before we went on this trip. It was said even though we can’t understand them laughter is a universal language and it really showed. By smiling and laughing we could shoe them that we cared for them. Kyndall spent her entire time there with one of the wheelchair bound kids who was known to spit on occasion. Despite her being spit on more than once she stayed with him the entire time. That truly exemplifies being the hand and feet of God. These experiences certainly touched a lot of people in our group and there was hardly a dry eye walking out of there. 

To wrap up our day we had dinner at the States Diner again and the officers met with the spokespeople of the largest Rotary Club in El Slavador.Ethan and Mary Grace made an excellent team in keeping them entertained. Parker and Josue has fun exchanging slang in English and Spanish. Our final activity was packing food and then going to feed the homeless. It was astonishing to witness some of the conditions these people where living in and I think it certainly made us more grateful for what we have. Today was jam packed and brought along with it a whirlwind of emotions. But all in all we stepped out of our comfort zone and grew closer together as a group. 

Jackson Boone

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