Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Wonderful Tuesday in Brazil

We had such an impactful day! We woke up and shared breakfast together. Our team’s friendships are developing, and we are growing much closer to the Brazilian team, too.

We soon headed out to the favelas with supplies in hand. This Community is on a very large, very steep hill. We were a bit of a spectacle walking up with our supplies for the day. It was a blessing because we could tell everyone "good morning" and invite them to the church. Once we settled in, our team started preparing breakfast and coffee for the community . Many people came to the church to eat, and we walked around chatting with people on the street and offering breakfast. It was a good opportunity for us to reach people who don’t feel comfortable going to a church.

Most of our day was spent visiting homes. We divided into teams and just went around dropping in on friends from church. It was good to develop deeper bonds, learn more about their children, hold their babies, and pray specifically for their needs.

In the afternoon, we had 3 classes. The first was for women, and one of the volunteers watched children while their mothers learned. We shared about wisdom, obedience, and patience. Different people from our team were given the opportunity to talk to the group of women. There was also a cooking class. Many women aren’t taught to cook by their mothers, so the Brazilian team spends time helping them learn twice a week. There was also a class for older boys, and a class with young children.

As soon as the classes were over, we headed back out for more home visits. This time, we took lettuce we harvested yesterday. It was such a blessing to see the families excited about receiving something we worked so hard on!

Finally, we headed home to shower, change, and relax a bit. Then we had the opportunity to take our hosts to dinner. We liked giving them a break on cooking and cleaning, and we all loved the food we ate.

We pray that we keep getting good rest and food that is healthy to our bodies.

Good night from Brazil! ~ Kimberly 

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