Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday, The Gift of Love

Today was a great day. We packed up the bus and headed back out to the community. When we arrived, the furniture has already been delivered. A few of us team members finished painting the house   while the others carried the furniture into the home.
The home was decorated so nicely with new mattresses, sheets, pillows, table, chair and floor mats. 
Finally, the family gathered around with the team. 
We prayed over the family and home and handed the mother her new house keys. They thanked God and the team and with smiles on their faces, they entered their new home. She was also thankful for a new roof to keep them dry as the previous day we all were building and painting in the rain. 
We took a short break to eat lunch and the reset the tables with donations and food for 32 families. Our team was separated into 5 groups and with a translator, we prayed over each one of these 32 families receiving food. 
Some opened up with specific prayers about asking for healing and justice. Lastly, we asked any of the community members if they were in need of eye glasses. The line formed and about 50 pairs of reading glasses were passed out to the young and old.
It was amazing was see smiles on their faces and new glasses as well. God was so present in that village today. His hands were all over the new house and all the families that we were able to serve. As we drove away today, so many hearts were full of God’s love. - Susan Zidlicky 

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