Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday, Unlikely friendships...

Today was a day full of adventures and connections through Christ. This country has a program called "cambia tu vida," which translates to "change your life." Part of this program houses teen mothers with their babies. Today, we took six of them to hike a volcano near San Salvador, and we saw beautiful sights. Well, we got to see the crater, because everything else was covered in fog. I had the opportunity to connect with one of the mothers on the bus, she was 14. I knew we didn't have many similar things in our lives to talk about, so I decided to play it safe and ask her what part of El Salvador she was from. To my surprise, she said "I don't know." This was really sad to me, because I figured she would at least know that.
The air at the top of the volcano had a refreshing chill to it, which was a nice change from the hot and humid climate of most of El Salvador. We probably walked half a mile to the top, and took many pictures. After minutes of having fun and adoring the sights, we really got the opportunity to connect through Christ music. Mrs. Kenia played the guitar for the group, and we did a message and prayer. For lunch, we took the girls to the States Diner, and they absolutely loved the hamburgers and fries.
That afternoon, we went to El Feminino, the prison for teenage girls. As Kurt put it, even though the girls in this prison made big mistakes, they are still teenagers and we should treat them with kindness just like Jesus would. We started our service with the song "Reckless Love," led by Jonathan Roberts in guitar. Mrs. Kenia played about 4 songs in Spanish afterwards, and everyone joined in with singing and clapping. For the main part of our service, Lexi Myers gave a very touching testimony. After the service, we handed out clothes and had an intense soccer match between Sus Hijos and the girls. Each side claimed they won, but we all know it was Sus Hijos who won!!!!!
- Zack Forrester
(To protect the identities of the young ladies in the prison, no cameras are allowed.)

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