Sunday, June 3, 2018

Day One, A Familiar Place...

It is so good to be back in El Salvador. The fast pace of the states can sometimes keep us so busy.  I love coming to El Salvador because it is so filled with the Holy Spirit. Today we began with church and Ali, Lydia and Catilan sang both in Spanish and English. They did a beautiful job!
After worship some of our group acted out the story of David and Goliath for the children of the church.    They also made a butterfly and each received a treat bag.
It’s was a great morning.
In the afternoon we visited CISNA.  CISNA is a facility that houses boys ages 10 a 18.  This was such a treat because when we were here last year we actually helped paint this facility before the boys moved in.  
It was a very active visit! We played basketball, frisbee, and soccer.  We also brought pizza for the boys.  I can’t describe the feelings interacting with these kids.  They are so appreciative of everything and love to just play.  
We come here to help and serve others but sometimes I am so humbled because I feel served by them. My heart is always touched and changed each time I come. - Jolania

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