Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017

Today I was able to share the gospel in its purest form-in the very streets that Jesus would have preached in. It was a the perfect example of seeing our calling come full circle. Years ago while I was at university my dorm was visited by some pastors and they prayed over each of us. I was still young in my walk with Christ then and I certainly never thought that those prayers would come to fruition. However, God works in mysterious ways. As the pastor prayed over me that night and said, “son you are going to be called to a nation and speak to people of an unknown tongue”Here I am years later, never knowing when, if ever, that vision would come true. I pray that a seed was planted that day and that the ministry here (A.M.O) can one day see the results of that seed.


Often times we forget how the gospel empowers us, and we become desensitized to it’s ability transform any life. Though we preach the gospel today we are not the author of those timeless words we are simply the vessel that carries it. Whenever I leave the place where I have planted a seed don’t have to see the results. However, I do pray that I am able to make the trip down the mountain-without hesitation. I pray those dreams keep me awake at night and my heart keeps longing for the next opportunity to speak of the Jesus that places the heart of flesh into our empty vessels of flesh and blood.


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