Monday, November 13, 2017

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017 São Paulo, Brazil

Saturday we landed in São Paulo. Within 2 hours of landing I met a girl. I was told that she had nine siblings, and that her mother prostitutes herself to feed her children, and the missionaries who love on them weekly said that they think the girl is starting to do the same thing. 
The missionaries often take food to this family, but that doesn't cover a family a family of 11 day in and day out. 11 people sleep in two full size beds. There are so many here who sleep with several people in one bed.

I know some of you are thinking...."Why doesn't the mother use birth control."  But, would she be able to sell herself if she used the cheapest form of it? My first thought is...Praise God that I have never been faced with the decision to not feed my children or sell myself!  I am guessing that if you are reading this, you probably haven't had to make that decosion either! 
I asked the same girl how old she was, (thinking she was likely 16-18) and  she responded "twelve".  Without intervention, this problem will perpetuate itself through future generations. It breaks my heart!

The ministry that we work with here in Brazil, AMO- Feed My Sheep, they have been here for 18 years, loving on the people in the slums of São Paulo, and surrounding areas. They make an obvious difference for so many children and families! 

There are probably at least 20 other stories that I have heard the past couple of days that are as bad or worse than the one above. It could get overwhelming real quick if it weren't for God 's obvious hand here. I praise Him for allowing me to be a tiny part of this!  It is such a privilege to be here and watch God work! 

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