Monday, October 9, 2017

Patience in His work

Our team arrived in Nashville Friday night. We had several opportunities to be discouraged! Like the fire alarm going off at 2 AM, and was still on when we left the motel for our 6 am flight. 
The first leg of our journey was delayed at the gate because of not enough associates to load the baggage according to the pilot. This delayed us about an hour. We arrived and were not treated well by some of the attendants, especially the one who closed the gate 15 minutes early (which is airline protocol if no passengers are present).  This causes a several hour delay. 
We boarded our later flight, and as we are pulling away and the attendant is going over safety and seat belts, we see our bags sitting beside the plane. I ask the attendant, she calls the pilot, he stops, calls the ground crew. We are told there is no room for our bags.  7 team members, and 10 suitcases can not make the flight. 
We arrived, filed claims for bags, and get through customs.  Through all of this our team is cooperative, obliged to help others, polite, and tired.  We have Pizza, and began what we thought was our Mission. We made 144 meals for the homeless.  We visited with friends and workers here in El Salvador!  Then went out about midnight to bless others. The rain stopped, we saw people laying under cardboard to stay dry, under plastic bags. What we did is feed people God loves!  Our mission did not begin in Nashville, or in Houston where we were delayed again, or in El Salvador. Our mission is always the same, if we do it like we should. 

It’s tell others of Jesus. It’s love on others that don’t know Gods love. It is to love and care for those in need.  We hope you follow along this week as we do a small part of our mission.

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