Monday, October 9, 2017

Let’s have CHURCH

We started our day of serving by worshiping with the local church. We serve a Mighty God that knows no language barriers. To enjoy His prescience with others is amazing. 
One of our our team members had planned to sing, but didn't have the necessary CD player. Instead of letting this setback prevent us worshipping with our new friends, the teenager stood in front of total strangers and loved on God and the congregation, and sang a cappella. When we worship out of love rather than duty or regulation, The Holy Spirit can do amazing work through us!

Another of our team preached using a translator, and those in attendance said it was well received. The rest of the group taught children's church.
We did a story of The Son asking The Father for his Bride!  The son and father talked about whether the bride was good enough. One of our girls wore a bridal gown to make it more memorable!
We finished with telling how none of us, the bride is good enough with out Jesus. And we have to be ready for the bride to be called

Then we had a “hit”! A piñata! Of course the kids loved getting candy!
Next, we had lunch at a local restaurant before heading to an orphanage.
Our next destination was not just an orphanage, but also had a small school for teen boys. The entire place is surrounded by block walls with fence and barbed wire above that. We played sports, gave Pizza, gave snacks, gave treat bags, gave Pizza! But most of al we gave some love of the Father.  I enjoyed seeing smiles on the faces of those who are hurting. Seeing smiles or getting hugs from these kids that have no one makes anything we might endure worth the inconvenience. 

The piñata was again a BIG HIT!
As we celebrate the “ Day of The Child” here all week, we hope to show some of our Father's love to those that might feel forgotten. 

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