Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More than a house...

We started the day with a two hour bus ride to the community where we are to build a house. This is a home for a lady and her 6 kids. Her husband has been imprisioned four years. Their current living conditions are not acceptable. 
Through donations received, we have the money to build this family a home. It will stand out in her community as a sign God loves and He provides for us. 
We began in mud as it is rainy season and has rained EVERY day for the past 17 days. The situation got worse!  It came a down pour. Roads flooded, mud became like soup. 
We went and had lunch with some people from the community and provided lunch for the family. It quit raining while we ate and we were able to complete the house. 
When God designs something to happen, there may be storms that come. However he will see you through them. 
We ended building day with a two hour trip back that was much quieter   

This family wouldn’t have this blessing if someone hadn’t donated the money for the house, if someone hadn’t went on the trip to do the work, and most of all if someone hadn’t prayed.  

If you feel God calling you to something this might be your opportunity to grow.  Please continue to pray for our team as we serve this week. 

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