Monday, July 3, 2017

Day One

Today's post is from Grant Hackney:

We started this trip with a verse for our mission: to go and make disciples.(Matthew 28:18) Little did we all know, we would be the ones getting humbled and a heart check of our own. Last night a group of us went out to feed the homeless. We prepared one hundred and forty four meals to hand out to people who lived on the streets. We loaded the bus up and headed out to feed. As we drove through the streets we saw the homeless come running to the bus to get their only meal of the day. These people huddled under trash to keep dry and feel safe. The people who were receiving the food were so thankful and giving some of their own meal to there fellow peers. They would take care of those that who were also homeless, especially those who were hurt or weak and couldn't get up to eat. This was a much needed eye opening and humbling experience.

We woke up this morning headed to church knowing that the language barrier would be tough. When we arrived we were very welcomed and the people were so happy to see us. They started to worship and these people could sing! After beginning to worship, the language barrier was no longer there, and we were worshiping our God together. It was so beautiful to see different people of different social and financial classes, ages, genders, and races all worship together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The much anticipated soccer playing happened today, we visited the boys orphanage. Seeing the boys reactions were priceless. They didn't have the nicest place to stay, but that didn't stop them from enjoying themselves by playing a fun game of soccer. Seeing the boys' reactions and experiencing how grateful they were to just have a fun time was such a humbling experience, and is something many of us take for granted.

We all look forward to the amazing things that will take place for us this week. Please continue in lifting us up in your prayers. You may be the only Jesus that person will ever see ever know or ever care to see, so make it count!

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