Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Steve Closed the Door. BY: Jonathan, Kaleb, Aaron, & Lindsay

Today was unlike any other, as we continue to adapt to the new and vibrant culture. After waking up and eating French toast casserole, we headed out to the boat. We sailed across to the island on which we are building a Forever Home. We have the privilege this week to build a home for a family in need across the water from the city. When we arrived, we split up into two teams: one to paint, and the other to pour concrete into the interior of the house. 
Part way through the building process, we took a break for sandwiches for lunch. At one point after eating, Aaron was approached by a kid in the surrounding area. The kid proceeded to tag him and exclaim, "Mica!" He ran away, followed by around forty kids. We proceeded to run around and play a never ending game of tag with the NiƱos by our build site. As if a forty kid tag game wasn't already crazy, paint proceeded to get involved. The kids started painting our legs out of the blue. In the middle of this painted mayhem, it was time to clean up and head back to the boat. Covered in paint, our team rode back to dry land. Being 80 some degrees here, the boat ride was extremely humid and water splashes began to be thrown between teammates. 
Though painted and soaked, today was an extreme blessing. Around El Salvador, Forever Homes are not common. Most homes are easily destroyed and made out of scraps, so for a home to be concrete and indestructible is rare and Divinely planned. As a team we feel so incredibly honored to be able to provide this home for a family of 9, and have so appreciated being able to put smiles on the faces of these Salvadorians by doing God's work. It's been indescribable to be able to see God's work in this country and are so thankful to be called and chosen as His Children!  

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