Thursday, June 15, 2017

Finding Joy in Change

Today our group was excited about taking girls from several different centers to the beach. This is always such a fun day for the girls and something they look forward to. We had planned a spa day for the girls and we were excited to treat them. However, the weather did not permit for this to happen. We found out early this morning that each of the centers would not allow the girls to go to the beach because of the rain. 

So, instead of meeting the girls at the beach we went to their centers. First we went to Cipi and spent the morning making braclets with them, painting their nails, and having lunch with them.  Before leaving I was able to share a part of my testimony with the girls and several of them accepted Christ. We left them each with a Bible and they were so appreciative for the the time we spent with them. 
Next, we went to San Vincent de Paul. We spent time with girls from Trotta and with several of the teen moms. Had we gone to the beach these teen moms would not have been able to come because the could not leave their babies for that long. The time we spent at San Vincent de Paul was beautiful. The girls again were so happy to have us there and were beyond welcoming to us. 
Again, I was able to share a part of my testimony and the Holy Spirit moved and touched the hearts of so many of the girls. Nine of the girls gave their lives to Christ. It was a powerful moment for all of us. 
We all rejoiced together that these girls had made the decision to accept Jesus into their hearts. 
As we loaded the bus we began to talk about how God always knows what is best. Had we gone to the beach, we may not have been able to reach all of the girls that we reached today. 
The Bible says our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways. Today was a day where we found so much joy in the change of a situation. I am thankful we can always trust that He knows what is best. And I am even more thankful that so many young women in difficult circumstances made the best decision of their lives today. 
God is always so good.

In Christ,


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