Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So let The Spirit move you!

There is only one place to describe San Martin, the happiest place on earth.  San Martin is a facility for adults with special needs.  When we pulled up in our bus they were already waiting to greet us in the parking lot with huge smiles. 

We started with a tour of the facility where we had a chance to sing with some of those unable to leave their rooms. These were individuals that were nonverbal and most in wheelchairs.  My heart was so moved as they lit up and they started moving to the beat of the music.  The Spirit was definitely moving through them!
After the tour we had a dance party out in the yard.  They loved listening to the music and dancing! It was amazing how there were no barriers were present, and we were all brought together through the music. God is so good!  

Our second stop was Guirola.  This facility is a special needs center for ages 6 to 17.  Here we played and interacted with the kids.  We painted nails, did face paint, made balloon animals, played soccer and danced to music.  We ended our visit by feeding some of the kids their dinner and praying over them. 
It was another great day! God has blessed us in so many ways.

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