Sunday, February 14, 2016


This was the 6th annual Starfish/Sus Hijos/McCracken County High School Children's Festival!!!!

Blessed. That's what I realized  after the experience I had today. Being born and living in America all my life and then coming here has really opened up my eyes to how fortunate we are. 

We began the day by taking our two buses to a village about an hour and half away for a festival for the community of the area to be apart of.

 When we arrived and unloaded there some of the church leaders lead some worship and we prayed over the families and children.
Then we had the opportunity to play and interact with the kids for awhile. We ended the day at the festival by giving every single child a pair of shoes, a t-shirt, and a bag of candy.
The expression on these kids' faces was heart melting, as they were giving these three simple items. Here I am, when I'm at home, get upset or annoyed when my wifi is slow on my phone. And these kids that have barley anything yet are so loving and have a smile on their faces.
As I sit here and type this out, not even three days into our trip, I have come to realize how blessed I am. When I wake up every morning I have running water, I have clothes in my drawer, I have a family that loves me, I have a refrigerator full of food, I have a roof over my head, I have my own car, I'm healthy. I could go on and on. 
My point here is to ask you to examine your own life. Just to be able to get in your own warm bed every night is a blessing from God and we should take time everyday to thank him for that. So do me a favor. Take time right now to pray and thank him for the first ten things that come to your mind that God has blessed you with that you take for granted in a regular basis.

 I want to thank Starfish Orphan Ministry for the amazing opportunity to be able to travel down here to make a difference in families and kids lives. Also I want to thank all the people that helped organize and take care of all the logistics and planning that went into this trip. Also I want to thank Johnny for asking me to play a small part in this amazing blog. Josh Grogan signing out. 

P.S. Keep our mission team in your prayers as we head into our last full day here tomorrow. I believe we are going to some orphanages and playing with kids there. Pray that we make a difference in these kids lives along with our own. Pray for safe travels as we had back to the US Monday morning because of the rumor of more snow this week!

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