Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Built On The Rock

After spending two days working within the city of San Salvador, God brought the Starfish team to the state of Ahuachapan, El Salvador. While in Ahuachapan, the team was blessed with the opportunity to build a home for a family of five. Our day began early as we met at the Sus Hijos office and warehouse to load the pieces of the home onto the back of a truck before making the hour and a half journey to where the family was living. 

After we arrived, the Sus Hijos team introduced us to the family of five for which we would be building. Living in one small room were a mother, her two children, one of which had special needs, and the grandparents. A small room does not accurately describe where this family was living and the home God was building for this family through our team would allow them to live comfortably as a family and better care for their children.

Although a rain storm rolled through around lunch, God blessed the team with the perseverance to compete the building of the home before heading back to the Mission House for dinner. Working within the community, both with the family and with the families and children of the community, the team was able to share the love of Christ. Whether through a pick up game of soccer with only rocks marking the goal posts, feeding and talking with the family or physically building the house, Jesus was with us and the community. 

Amber Lubker

Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain. 
Psalm 127:1

What an amazing verse to think on today as we labored to put a house up and tomorrow as we pray that the home is built on the word of God and is filled with His love. I believe the Lord is truly guarding this city because He has planted so many warriors on these streets; to feed the homeless, cloth them, build homes, show love to the orphans, and show CHRIST to everyone they meet. 

Also it was amazing to see that the Lord has built this house today! Through Him we found the family, though Him we received the funds for the materials, and through Him we are all here to joyfully serve this family who blessed my heart so much. 

At the end of the day it was time to paint and the grandfather was standing and watching his families house get built. I turned and asked him if he would like to paint (with what little Spanish I know) and eagerly he came took up the brush and with a smile on his face began to paint. My heart began to overflow as I watch him and see Christ overflowing in him as well. I was blessed to be able to serve this family today, amazed at how God used me, and forever humbled to serve His children. 

Amber Bass

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