Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

2nd full day! 
Today we went to two different orphanages, and had activities at both places.  They were both eye opening experiences that had a great impact on me. The kids were so happy to see us. God opened up my heart today because even though the kids may have not been well cared for and others had special needs, all I could see was a beautiful children of God!  
They loved to dance, sing, and hug, most of all, they loved being loved on! Saying goodbye was a very emotional time for me, because I loved being with them all so much. After the orphanages we came back to the mission house, hungry and ready for a huge, warm, tasty meal like we have quickly come to expect here, but  Instead of having a warm meal, we ate what we're feeding the homeless which consists of a sandwich, fruit, chips, and drink.  It was not what we expected, but itade me appreciate what we have so much more and I thank God even more for our meals! We will be feeding over 200 meals to the homeless tonight. Today was long, but I feel so blessed to be here!
Jolaina celebrated a very special birthday today!

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