Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday, Church and His boys

The crew had a great first full day! They went to church this morning, spent the afternoon at a boys orphanage and are feeding the homeless again tonight. 

Here's today's note from Dave Price...
"Today we began at a local church. We started with worship as a whole, and then the team broke off to do childrens church. We played out the skit of Zaccheus for the kids, and Bryan Carter told the story and preached to the kids. 
Following the story, we broke into groups of big kids and little kids and enjoyed some crafts. We had lunch at Pollo Compero before we headed to CISNA the boys orphanage. We began with a huge game of soccer and face painting. 
Then, we discovered that the balloons we had brought for balloon animals made AMAZING water balloons. 
The fun really took off from there! 
People were running up behind each other and popping balloons over each other like crazy! The boys had a huge blast, and so did we! It was truly a blessing to see them laugh so much and have so much fun. 
We ended our day there with the story of Zaccheus again, and headed back to the house. 
We have just finished up eating and are about to head out to feed the homeless again. I am looking really forward to the rest of the week, and cant wait to see what God has in store!" - Dave Price

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