Sunday, October 5, 2014

El Salvador, October 2014

The First Baptist Church of Paducah team left for Nashville on Friday evening! 12 team members, along with our good friend Brian Seichter, couldn't wait to get going. (Brian lives in  El Salvador as a full time missionary and was in town for a visit.)
They headed out bright and early Saturday and with just a few airport delays, made it to El Salvador safely! 

The team spent the afternoon at the States Diner; A United States themed restaurant opened recently, employing youth living in transition homes operated by Sus Hijos. 
The restaurant gives these teens an opportunity for employment, and a chance to learn needed life and work skills that they missed out on, growing up in orphanages. 
Tonight the team headed out to feed the homeless in the streets of San Salvador. 

Here is a note from Eliza Kate Carter:
"Never have I truly been hungry and never have I been too warm or too cold, until today when I witnessed the homeless people lying under cardboard for warmth, and cold chills ran down my spin. Even then I have never been truly in need of anything. I was reminded today of how grateful I am to have been raised in a home with two parents and both of my siblings all under the same roof. Especially when two little boys came out from under a piece of trash, no parents or adults to be seen, and ran to the truck shouting, "The Gringos, the Gringos!" They were so happy to receive a sandwich and chips, while we complain about wether or not our food is cooked just right at a restaurant or at home. God today completely humbled me and I pray that he continues to through out the rest of the week. Pray that God continues to humble the hearts of our team, and to be open to what God had for us." - EKC

Tomorrow the team will be attending church in the morning and visiting an orphanage in the afternoon. Please pray for their strength, wellness, and energy as they go about this week, sharing God's love with His children!

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