Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday, Funday!

Monday was a day full of joy and fun as the team spent the morning with our friends at San Martin; the adult special needs center, and and the afternoon entertaining the kids at CIPI; San Salvador's orphanage intake center.
"The best way I can think of to describe the [adult] Special Needs orphanage that we went to today, is simply "The happiest place on earth". The people that live there truly have no worries, and are just so happy! My heart was so full going back there for the first time in 5 years! My anxiety level was high until we got there, but after about 2 min all of my cares were gone. The best part of our visit there was the dance party. Man, do those people know how to dance! We were able to tour the property and even purchase some "Starfish" items they had made just for us, before having our story time of Zaccheus and dancing for hours. Steve Moore was also able to bring his guitar and we had some sing-a-long time. 
After we left there, we headed to an orphanage called CIPI. Here, they have small boys, teenage moms and their babies and teenagers that have had a rough past. This is the in take center where all the kids go when they are first taken off the street or from the home, so they are very fragile. We were able to paint fingernails, do our skit again, make baloon animals, paint faces and all sorts of stuff. Once we were finished sharing Gods word with them, we headed to the big field outside and played softball. I never knew softball with teenage girls could be so much fun. We all had A BLAST! We are going to feed the homeless tonight for the third and final time this week. Tomorrow, we will head out early to begin building a house for a family in need. I cant wait to see what tomorrow and this experience holds!!!" - Natalie Price

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