Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wednesday, Time to build a Home!

       Wednesday, the team loaded up supplies and set out to a remote village in El Salvador to build a home for a family in need. Susan Hijos, the mission team we work with, had previously chosen the family based on their needs, but it was quite the buzz around the whole village...
 It was quite a hike to carry everything by hand up a distance to the site but all was taken in stride. 
First came placing the blocks for the floor which took about half of the day due to rocks and tree roots!
                                                          The Village Foreman?
                                                     Treating the walls and floors...
                                                             Finally laying floors...
                                                      And the walls are going up!
  While good progress was being made up top, members of the team played games, made finger paint pictures and had a bible story with the happy children down below. The family receiving the house was on site along with other curious neighbors and children all with smiles watching their home go up.  
      Please pray for the team's health and safety and for their faces, hands and feet to freely share the love of our Father as the house is finished Thursday and the community is served by them!


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