Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, Together in El Salvador!

Today we went to a girls' orphanage first. The girls were all pretty timid. They didn't want to interact or participate. But Vickie did her bible story and with some bribes from David with candy, they slowly volunteered to play a part in the story. After the story, they really opened up. Lilly and Vickie shared the Gospel with the girls and we had 7 choose to accept Christ as their Savior! Praise Jesus. 
We then went to the States Diner and were served lunch. It was so good and we were all impressed. Great job, guys!!! 
Then on to San Martin. The happiest sad place on Earth. We didn't have but a couple of hours there so we quickly toured it for the new ones on the team while Lilly and the translators set up the sound system so that we could dance! It was fun, as always, to dance and sing with the kids. But also, it was bittersweet. Seeing some of our dear friends there getting weaker and weaker. These "kids" there so innocent and so close to perfect. I just know that Jesus will allow them into Heaven and they will be healed of all their disabilities. So, as we see them deteriorate, I can't be sad for them. Because I know they will be in Heaven which is so much better than where they are now! We painted nails, handed out treat bags, and did balloon animals. They, of course, loved all of it and we all had a great time!! 
Lastly, we went over to the AIDS orphanage. There, we did the bible story, crafts, and just a lot of running and playing. Which is their favorite! 

Tonight we fed the homeless, which is always interesting and devastating. We saw many many kids and families tonight. Very sad!!! 

And tomorrow, we start construction! :) Please pray for us as we battle the heat and humidity and the enemy while we are doing the Lord's work! 

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