Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday, in El Salvador

This morning the troops were up bright and early to help load building supplies for a house. This one was actually being built by another ministry team, but they had just requested some help loading up. Then it was off to start the day!!!
Next the group did a first! They took teenagers from Cambia Tu Vida (Change of Life) shopping for clothes suitable for job interviews or work. These are teens who are getting a second chance at life. Many have delt with the most unspeakably difficult situations, and are now learning to work and live on their own. The teens were so appreciative and had such open loving hearts. 
After that there was lunch and bowling with middle and high school boys. Many had never seen the inside of a bowling alley and all seemed to have a great time. What began as shy looks and reserved demeanor became smiles and hugs before the day was done. 
Please pray for the team! 
Pray for for continued stamina and the ability to carry the love and joy of the Lord to a whole new set of faces and hearts tomorrow! In the morning they will be making new friends at an orphanage Starfish has never visited before. Later, they will head to San Martin to dance the afternoon away with the special needs a adults, and to play games at the HIV/AIDS orphanage.

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