Saturday, March 15, 2014

WKCTC in El Salvador

The team had a fun filled first day! 
They started things off by taking kids from CIPI to the bowling alley!
Next it was back into the sun for an afternoon of softball with the teen girls.
They also painted t-shirts, put on puppet shows and did lots of tattoos & manicures!

Here is a note from student, Shelby Ann Johnson...
The alarm clock came too early after a long traveling day, but the idea of seeing the sweet faces at Cipi again put an extra swing in my step. When we arrived to the center, anticipation filled the bus. Today we were taking the teen girls from Cipi to the bowling alley in the morning and playing softball with them in the afternoon. As we stepped off the bus, smiling faces and running feet were the first things to see. Bowling with these beautiful girls was absolutely incredible. Not only were they fantastic, but also they found such joy in such a simple things that we, as Americans, take for granted. The next two hours consisted of giggles, hugs, and gutter balls. After bowling, we went back to the center to play softball. The teenage girls had been practicing with some of the missionaries that are working with Sus Hijos, here in El Salvador. The Cipi girls were relentless in their efforts to beat the “Gringos”! The game was never-ending in that hot sun, swapping gloves between each inning. Rewarded with ice cream, the teenage girls were thrilled toward the end of a good day.  These girls never stopped smiling, hugging, talking, and laughing. The amount of love they had for complete strangers was infinite. We couldn’t help but fall in love with them and their sweet personalities. But, I think what was most loved was their spirit; their spirit to stay positive and loving, and to never take anything for granted. These girls were so beautiful inside and out and their attitudes on life are beyond touching. With an amazing first day completed, spaghetti in our bellies, and a loaded truck to feed the homeless, today was a blessed day.

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