Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feels like home...

Today the team started early, loaded up their supplies and began a journey to build a home for a young boy and his grandmother. While he is actually 15years old, his severe disabilities give him the appearance of about a 7year old. Struggling to care for him, his grandmother was at risk of loosing her grandson to a government orphanage if there meager living conditions were not improved. 
"After chopping down trees, digging many holes, pouring cement, and putting up the house, we were all exhausted and extremely dirty, but every second was worth it knowing we kept a family together and gave all the glory to God. Our team is so blessed in that we are given the opportunity to use the talent and strength our God has given us to touch those who need it. Now, she doesn't have to lose the only thing she has, and he doesn't have to lose the one who cares for him the most, I couldn't be any happier. Let's hope and pray we can help many MANY more people this week! God is good. ~ Baylee Blackburn
The group completed the home for the grandmother and her grandson! They will return on Tuesday for some finishing touches and to dedicate the home! Check in tomorrow for more photos!

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