Friday, October 5, 2012

"It's difficult to put into words what we've seen, heard and felt over these past few days. The way that God has worked in the people of Sus Hijos to minister to the people of this country is nothing less than miraculous. We've done so much more than to just give people a good time, but we have given them hope, joy, and most importantly, the love of Christ. I have seen people who had no hope begin to smile, dance, and just feel joy. It's enough to melt your heart when you see the things that these amazing translators and volunteers do on a day to day basis.

Today we went to San Martin and saw some of the most amazing individuals anyone could have the pleasure to meet. We went to the special needs center, a place filled with the some of the most loving people on the planet. When someone is in a place like they are in and can still be as excited as they are it really ministers to your heart. We went there today with the intent of raising spirits and showing love but almost every person there was already ecstatic before we even did a thing. They witnessed to us with their love and excitement from the very first step out of the bus. It truly is a joy to be able to witness God in such a spectacular way as this."-Daniel
I am being completely honest in saying that I didn't know Kike very well. I had the wonderful pleasure of being around him on my first trip here. However it was very obvious while visiting his grave how much he truly meant to those around him. It was beautiful to hear the stories that so many had to share. It was heart breaking to see so many hurting and in pain from the loss they were experiencing. This child changed the lives of so many. His motivation to live and survive was beautiful, it inspired so many. While visiting the grave we each placed a rose of the grave, sang, and prayed. One life can effect the lives of so many.
Once we left the ceremony for KiKe we went back to San Martin to play for a little while. These special needs kids are the best to be around. They are full of so much joy and happiness.
We left San Martin and went to the AIDS orphanage. This children, despite their disease, are so incredible full of energy. The wonderful children at the orphanage wanted nothing more than to be loved on, held, and played with. Each person from the team stepped up to the challenges that they have been faced with this week. Working with special needs and children with such a devastating disease has been truly challenging for many. However, the needs have not held a single person back from working and being what God has called them to be.  
"Most of this week, my thoughts have centered around the verse in Matthew 25 where Jesus says "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.. As we have seen the orphaned, the mentally handicapped, and fed the homeless, my continual thought has been that surely this person or that person was the least of these. And today as we had a memorial service for a boy who had died at one of the orphanages my heart hurt for this person I would call the least of these.  But later as I was reading alone, God revealed to me that in his eyes I am the least of these.  My spiritual poverty is no different than their financial poverty or their loss of family.  It was humbling to be reminded  we all are bankrupt before God and in need of his mercy and Grace.  - Brad

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