Monday, October 1, 2012

Impactful Day - Sunday

We all sometimes have to be reminded that there is so much more work to be done, not only here in this beautiful country, but all over the world. Today was a wonderful day. It was completely filled with laughter and joy. However... we each faced moments were we felt overwhelmed.  The day started with church, and wow, what a beautiful service it was. It is amazing how in a service where there is a language barrier that God still speaks. The music moved us and brought chills, the spirit of the Lord was there! It was such pure worship for our Savior. We worshiped with the congregation for the first half of the service and split off to work with children for the second. We did a skit for the kids, it was based around Jesus feeding the five thousand. It was wonderful to get to work with the children of the church. After the skit was over we asked them questions, which they answered enthusiastically. We also had the incredible honor of being witnesses to Chandlers (missionary Kurt and Susans daughter) baptism ! Once church was over we headed to lunch, to change, and off to CIPI.


This was the first orphanage that we had the privilege of visiting. It is easy many times to feel helpless when going into the orphanages for the first time. It is almost as though God is reminding us that while the needs are great, that He is much greater. God has called each of us for a purpose and reason. The beautiful children that we got the chance to see today remind each of us of that. After having a tour of the facility we split up and went to work with the different groups of children who are living there.


Sometimes it is easily to get caught up in the idea that we live in a disposable world, and society, that the people and things around us just don't matter. Today we all got remind that God teaches us that this isn't at all the idea of how He loves. Each of the children at CIPI needed someone to love on them, hold them, and to just be there. God loves them all unconditionally and He made them perfectly. We are also called to love these children, and all, unconditionally. It was, for many, such an eye opening experience to see how something as simple as kicking around a soccer ball or holding a child can drastically change not only your day, but their day also.


We returned back to the mission house from CIPI, ate supper, and prepared to feed the homeless. Feeding the homeless is one of the most humbling experiences. It helps us all remember how blessed we truly are.  Tonight we took out around 150 bags of food. We gave away that amount, and could have easily given away more.


"What an impactful day this has been.  Tears shed, new relationships begun and hearts broken anew.  A true blessing to me as my mind wondered back to that first time a few years ago when I first stepped foot into an orphanage here in El Salvador, knowing not how it would impact my life forever.  To see those who today, for the first time, saw this brokenness and came face to face with this place, this devastation and sadness... the running out of food tonight just as we saw two young girls come out of the darkness to receive a meal.  A meal which we did not have!?!?  "Oh, the depths of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God".  It cannot be explained or reasoned.  It can only be handed over to God and allow him His way in this fallen world."- Jody

Kurt and Susan Ackermann and their daughter Chandler at her baptism!

God blessed us immensely today and continues too. We ask as a team that you please be in prayer for the remainder of the week. God is working and it is beautiful to see.  

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