Sunday, March 10, 2019

You get a house! And You get a house!

Hi my name is Megan and today our team finished the two houses we were building. It was an extremely touching day and it was a feeling that I had never felt before. Our groups switched houses so that we could meet the other family. We painted the houses and decorated the insides. It was great to be able to have time with each family and really get to know both of them. I was able to hand the keys over to one of the families and it was a truly great feeling that I know is a once in a lifetime experience. I hope that I get to experience this feeling again.
-Megan Davis

Today was one of the most rewarding days so far. We finished both houses by painting them, assembling the roof, and decorating the inside. Along the way I met many ninos that helped paint and loved learning how to be a “gringo.” When we were able to dedicate the house and show the families the house, their faces and smiles made me realize the amazing work God enabled me to do. God placed me here today to change multiple lives and help kids who need it most. So even though it was hard and I even almost fell (thanks Hal Ford for catching me), the smiles, laughs, and joy I witnessed today were amazing! After dedicating the house, we were able to pass out eye glasses, t-shirts, hats, dresses, toys, and candy to all the kids and families. We also played games with the kids and taught them many new games. I loved learning new Spanish words and having fun with the kids. The work we put in today produced many smiling faces, 
and that’s all worth it to me.
-Kate Rogers

Today, we finished two houses in Ahuachap├ín. We split up into two groups to finish the roofs, windows, and paint and furnish the house. In the afternoon, we prayed over the families and blessed their new homes. It was a great day and many people got emotional when we handed over the keys. After the houses were dedicated, we made donations to the community. We donated dresses, candy canes, eyeglasses and other clothing. It was a special moment for both the community and our group as our hard work was fulfilled through the joy of the families. A tiring, long day was met with a big meal at, El Salvador chain, Pollo Campero. Maybe it was the hunger that filled everyone after a hard day of work, but it is fair to say that the chicken schmacked. Some of the group stayed out late 
to feed the homeless after the rest prepared the meals. 
- Andrew Katz

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