Friday, March 8, 2019

Paducah Tilghman High School visits El Salvador

Our first day began at 3:30 am. We met in the hotel lobby eager to start our adventure. The first flight we took was from Nashville to Atlanta, our flight was late leaving so when we landed we had 10 minutes between the time we got off the plane and when we were supposed to be on the next plane to El Salvador. We sprinted to our gate and luckily the flight was delayed or we wouldn’t have made it. When we arrived in El Salvador we went to “States Diner” a restaurant owned by Sus Hijos. We ate there then went to the mission house. 
At the mission house we began to make food to feed to the homeless that night. We made sandwiches with mayonnaise, cheese, and bologna. The homeless people would also receive an apple, a shirt, and other treats. We packed bags full of food until we could fill 3 full garbage bags up with the food. From there we hopped in the back of a pickup and were driven around the town. 

To see the vast amount of homeless people living on the streets is a huge eye opener. It puts life into perspective and let’s you know how truly lucky we have it to be born in America. We would give each person a bag with the sandwiches and other items. Each time we handed someone a bag we made sure to say “dios te bendiga,” or God bless you. The people’s faces would light up with joy each time they received the bag and the blessing. It was an amazing experience that is truly humbling and allowed us to to see how unfortunate people here are, but how we can also help them through acts of kindness. - Quinn Atnip

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