Monday, March 19, 2018

Day 1, ElSalvador

Today marks day one on our El Salvador adventure. So far we have gotten to meet multiple great people that live here in San Salvador. We were blessed to visit Cisna, where we played soccer, volleyball, and basketball with the boys that stayed there. We also got to hand out goody bags to all of the kids after listening to Kyle Garner's testimony. We've eaten well, burgers from Wendy's and delicious pizza from Pizza Hut. I'm looking forward to all of the activities going on this week but I'm also making sure to savor every moment. Any prayers for the members of the Starfish team, translators, and residents of El Salvador would help our mission tremendously. -Jenna I have prayed for God to break my heart for what breaks His, and for Him to truly open my eyes and heart to not just what I have seen, but to what I have yet to see. The moment I got off the plane and into El Salvador, I knew that prayer had been answered. Being able to go to The Boy's home, was truly out of my comfort zone, yes I play sports, but to see all that was, "normal" to them, but not quite normal to me was heart breaking and uncomfortable at first. To see these boys all of whom have different stories that make them who they are and seeing the hurt as well as seeing them lack the very things we Americans cannot live without was truly hard to fathom. I've been staying steadfast to a popularly known verse I feel God has really pressed on my heart which is, Psalms 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." Maybe so I can see things aren't as bad as I imagine they are. He had me come here to see all that He has prepared for us to see. Something else that happened later this evening was that we had been given the opportunity of feeding the homeless. Again, heart breaking. To know that they have suffered the way that have, and to know that most of them probably don't have an intimate relationship with the one who is dying to be the lover of their soul is crushing. Then I realize, I am truly blessed. So I humbly and willingly gave the food out that we had prepared and silently prayed that He would use me, a servant, and that even though I cannot change what happens here or anywhere else in the world, I know that our never ending loving Father in heaven can and will if we so let Him. There is so much more I have learned and this is only the first day, but I can tell you this week is a stepping stone God has placed in front of me, and I know it will be part of the rest of my life and hopefully contribute to what ever He has in store. God, I pray you restore our brokenness and that it will bring you glory. Open our eyes to see.                                                                          With Love,                                                                                                        Breonna Logothetis

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