Friday, March 9, 2018

A new day in a new land!

Yesterday afternoon, our team from Paducah Tilghman High School left the Starfish offices, headed for El Salvador. There were anxious parents, excited kids, and a community ready to serve not only in Paducah, but abroad as well!
Early this morning, the team of 17 boarded a plane in Nashville and began their Journey. By late this afternoon they were on the ground and after a lunch at the States Diner, got to work tonight. 

Here's what Bryson had to say about his experience so far...

"We made it!! We had a slight delay on our first flight due to snow and frost on the runway luckily, we made it to our connecting flight on time. 
When we arrived we were amazed that we had woken up early this morning in the snow and arrived in 90 degree weather.  On our way to eat lunch, we saw a cow walking in the middle of the road.  It was also very humbling to see the city.
We would ride by the undeveloped parts then seconds later, we would ride by a very developed area.  We drove through heavy traffic, but we have the best bus driver ever.
We ate lunch at the States Diner [a restaurant ran by the Sus Hijos ministry that employees only teens who have aged out of orphanages here, and need job skills] and the food was great! We retired to the mission house and are settling in. 
Steven, a boy who lives here, took us up to the local park and we played in a soccer match.  We just prepared meals for the homeless that we will be handing out tonight."
Please keep the team in your thoughts and prayers this week as they serve orphans of El Salvador! Be sure to follow along each day! Friday they will be working with both special needs children and adults, which always makes for a fun day for all! 

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