Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Precious Moments

My name is Lexie and I'm a PTA student at WKCTC. I heard about this trip from a teacher in my class and I had never been on a mission trip, but wanted to start. Today is day 3 in El Salvador for me and so far, the most humbling. 

We started out our morning going to a hospital. We split into two groups, one going to the general hospital, and the other to an annex with burn victims and cancer patients. I went to the general hospital to see the children there. We were able to stay on each floor only a few minutes but it was more than enough to impact my heart for forever. Our job was to pass out blankets, goodie bags, and stuffed animals. Some sections had new borns with serious medical problems. And although the incubator kept us and the mother from getting close we left a blanket for the mothers to give to them one day when they can be held lord willing. The most precious moment was when I gave a little girl a stuffed monkey. She lit up like we were at Christmas. To be so lonely and scared is something I have never experienced, but to make that go away if even for a moment is a blessing that God allowed me to have today. 

After that we toured the lions club clinic and learned about all the doctors they had working for them. They provide these services for the very poor in San Salvador and out of the kindness of their heart. These people showed me what a true light our God can shine through individuals.

Our last stop of the day was at a children's special needs home. This was where a piece of my heart was left with Roberto. These children were left abandoned because of their disabilities. Nevertheless I thank God that they were saved for me to meet them.  Many of the children were wheelchair bound, but that didn't stop our dance party. I have never danced in front of people before because of my lack of rhythm, but today I danced like no one was watching! The smiles and the joy I got to experience in those few hours was enough to fuel me for a lifetime. Then we got to feed them and I met Roberto. My teammate Nathan and I were assigned to help feed Roberto, he was unable to move his entire body but could open and close his mouth, and move his eyes slightly. He was precious, with big brown eyes, and I will never forget him. We fed him a spoonful at a time and he would make a noise when he was ready for more. He laughed a few times and then in the very end when we had to leave, he made no noise, but shed one tear. Just one. I will always remember those deep brown eyes, that little laugh he made and the one tear he shed. Why? Because he made me feel loved and I thought that was supposed to be my job. He gave me a purpose and a reason to continue mission. I believe special needs children are a gift from God not a burden. These are pure souls that will always be pure, and they have a light that is contagious to any person around. 

These children and this place will change my life forever. They have so little, but they showed me how to be happy without any material things. Moments make happiness, and faith in God gives hope. These children are the essence of that. 

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