Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Can Read My Bible Now

"Amazing grace , how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now I'm found, 'twas blind but now I see". These words echoed through the room as we sung in jubilation after witnessing a petite grandmother putting her new reading glasses to use by reading her Bible for the first time in many years. "I can read my Bible now" proclaimed the grandmother. Although, not blind, now she could see well enough to read the word of God. These eyeglasses are just one of the many things we were able to share with this family. 

We had a very different experience with another woman that we were blessed to give glasses. This woman asked why we were here. We explained to her that it was God's love that brought us here. She stated that she didn't understand that kind of love. Although, we were there for good, because of the atmosphere created she felt unworthy. She didn't understand why we would come so far to do good. In her mind she was far from deserving of any love, especially the type of love we are commanded to give as Christians. She wondered what the catch was, what was she going to have to give up in order to have this blessing? Should there be such a penalty for being given the gift to read Gods word? I think not. But so often we take those things for granted. You see such cynicism makes you wonder where the trust has grown so thin. Our aim was to show her, and others that our love isn't just this facade meant for deceitful tactics. Fear, the feeling of unworthiness, and cycle of oppression cover the heart and create this shell making it difficult for grace and love to find their way in. The only thing capable of breaking that mold is the love of the Holy Spirit. 

Back at the mission house part of the team was working to finish the bunk beds for the children that would be staying there in the future. It was a tedious and at times it seems a redundant process. But by the end of the day the team completed a lot of work and was able to get the missionaries that much closer to their goal. 

When in the mission field it can seem like some things you do are for nothing. Maybe you don't see the immediate gratification you were looking for. We are called to plant the seeds that we may never harvest, plant trees that we may never rest in the shade of, but as children of God we are called to be a witness and yes even to ends of the earth.


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