Monday, September 5, 2016

Color Blindness

Brazil is a beautiful country! There were monkeys playing in the trees this morning, outside the guys dorm. There are beautiful mountains all around where we are staying! The people are beautiful, the landscape is beautiful. We got to love on so many children as well as many adults today, and it was a great day! 

When I think back over the past two days, the thing that struck me first and foremost is the vast array of skin color. That may sound strange, but to a mom of a child that happens to be a different race, I notice things like this. There is every shade that God made, right here in this one country, and no one seems to notice that there's a difference! It is so refreshing!  I believe that it is the most beautiful thing about Brazil! It seems as though there is no sensitivity about race, no prejudice, just complete and total color blindness. 

How will Heaven look? I think that if we have different skin tones, it will look a lot like the people of Brazil.

In the US I have seen and heard racism, in Central American countries I have heard and seen extreme prejudice within a race, due to the shade of ones skin tone. Here, I see none of that!  This country is far from perfect, but I believe they have this area (the lack of skin "skin-tonal" prejudice) correct and it's beautiful!
We had church this morning with people from nearby communities, we loved on their children, we made their pictures and printed them off, and decorated frames, which was a real treat for the kids! Some played soccer while others visited. I made some new friends that share my sons love for the game of soccer. 

This afternoon we went to a nearby town and visited people in a "shantytown". We all got to talk to and pray with people in their homes and on the streets. Then we had church in that community. We observed the Lords Supper and divided into age groups. We all left feeling very blessed,

I think we are all overwhelmed for the great opportunity to serve here!  Please keep us in your prayers!

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