Saturday, July 9, 2016

The last day of our trip has arrived along with a special French toast breakfast from our wonderful chef Judy. We have seen miracles and God show up this week in incredible ways from calming anxieties and multiply materials. 
Usually our Starfish blog allows you to follow our teams by sharing what we encounter through the day. While we did have an amazing day, loving on children from a special needs orphanage at the beach, I want to share a quick thing that has touched my heart this week. 

This week Melani, a little girl that touched my heart two years ago and that I have kept in touch with, returned to an orphanage we visited on the last time we would get the chance to be at. She had changed a lot just from the last time I had seen her and I was disheartened by her rebellious and no longer innocent spirit. After hanging out with her and watching her through the day I constantly heard a little voice saying, "Love her. She's mine and so are you. Who are you to cast the first stone." The story of the adulterous woman came to mind and Jesus writing in the sand. Today at the beach I was writing in the sand with a little boy named Carlos. He wanted me to write things in the sand and after writing his name I wrote others. The first was Meloni's. I remembered the feelings I had the day before and knew this thought was not by accident. This week Christ has allowed me and taught me to love everyone. The poor, the lame, the rebellious, the wealthy, the perfectionist, the orphan, the spoiled kid next door, the goody two shoes, people, His Children. That is what Sus Hijos is about. Loving all because they are His. 

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