Sunday, July 3, 2016

First day in El Salvador

Tonight's blog is from Eric Hight:
Our God is an amazing God! The plane rides here went smoothly and safe. We all met and saw some interesting people along the way. And the first night here was good. 
Now today was the first full day here. And as the day went on I experienced multiple things! Let me tell you about them. This morning I woke up and did my quite time and as I was doing that I felt God talking to me to not fear! So as that rattling in my mind turns out there is a soccer challenge happening Wednesday. 
After that we went to Iglesia Cristiana Monte Calvario to go and worship and it was interesting to see brothers and sisters in Christ singing and praised get God. Although they used a different language, they still meant the same thing! We worshiped & helped with Sunday School.
And after church we went and helped States Diner put on a car show celebrating the 4th of July! There we had a table and gave out cotton candy, popcorn, and flavored ice as well as ballon animals, tattoos, and face painting. There was even a drum line!
While there we got to witness to others and grow as a team. 
At the end of the night there was a huge fireworks show.
That took most of the day but we all had a blast! As we returned to the mission home we left with our heads high and happy. Oh we also got to celebrate Nicole's birthday tonight. So as the night is winding down I say farewell! Love y'all! - Eric Hight

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