Sunday, March 15, 2015

WKCTC El Salvador 2015

The WKCTC Team landed safely in El Salvador today. They spent the afternoon at an orphanage loving on expecting teen mothers, young boys & girls, and babies. 

We left yesterday and stayed the night in Nashville. Flew to Atlanta early the next morning and then a 3ish hour flight to El Salvador. We arrived at 12:00 PM local time and continued through to the airport into the bus stop. A quick pit stop at the mission house to dump the suitcases and we were off to CIPI. I played with some kids and spoke to them in my broken Spanish. I ended up finding myself attempting to face paint. Even though I have been here 2 times before, God finds a way to change my view of the world. This time it was through the children who wanted to paint my face. The girls didn’t care if I wasn’t a great artist. They had fun and laughed anyway. Of course, God wasn’t done. When it was time to go, some of the children hugged us “gringos” with a smile bigger than anything I could ever muster. On the way back, we stopped by the girls’ transition home. Finally back at the mission house, we begin to rest with food and a house full of diversity. After dinner, we packed meals for the homeless that the many of the team are delivering at the time I am writing this. I pray that God will touch their hearts as he has touched mine. - Erik

Today was a long day, but it was incredible how it changed as soon as we got out of the airport and made it to the mission house and the orphanage. I became completely unaware of my jet lag when we got to see the kids. 
We first toured the facility and all the people there were so good to see. In the single mother and baby wing, there was one little boy whose name was Jonathan. His mother gave him to Melissa, and when I went over to say hi, he leaned way over and came to me instead. He was the cutest. He was fascinated with my sunglasses and beard and tried to put both into his mouth with limited success on both fronts. He just stared at me. 
In the little concrete room with the separate rooms and the group of mothers sitting in their folding chairs it seemed like a place that needed some encouragement and excitement. Little Jonathan exemplified that and set the precedent for all the missionaries for the rest of the trip. - Aaron 
Psalm 100:2a

Many “Serve the Lord with gladness”. Many of the team members that have embarked on this journey to San Salvador, have done so with the expectation to see the world with new eyes. Gaining new perspectives through this adventure will help educate and promote the team to aspire to higher levels and to set new goals. Some have also come with the expectation to serve God in El Salvador through whatever ways possible. No matter the reason for coming, this service learning trip will allow us to gain new experiences on this leg of our journey.  - Josh

We hope you will continue to follow along and join the team on their journey to serve the children of El Salvador this week! 

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