Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday: House Building, Life Changing

Today the team packed up early and headed to a remote El Salvadorian village. They were building a home for a family in extreme need. Please check out the photos below of the family and the house progress!
As you can see, it was a full, exhausting and rewarding day! Tomorrow the team will head back to put on the finishing touches and dedicate the home. They'll also be doing more service work within the community.
Below you'll find a note of reflection from Brooklyn on the groups Tuesday activities:

[Tuesday] we went to a boys center or orphanage. After a quick tour we spent a couple of hours playing soccer with the boys, a little basketball, made some t-shirt's and bracelets. As we wrapped up, I had the honor of sharing my testimony with the boys. It was amazing to see the love of the Father for these young men. I offered to pray for any of them who wanted to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus. I wasn't counting but I was told that 9 came down and there were only 2 that didn't. The team gathered around the boys and spent time looking into their eyes and praying for each one individually. We declared the love of the Father for them, the purpose and calling and goodness that God has for each of them and words of encouragement. It was a beautiful thing to see these boys moved to the point of tears welling up in their eyes. God is all over them and absolutely adores them. Of course there is much brokenness, but that's not what I saw. I saw so much strength in each of them. I saw determination. I saw leadership, compassion, protectiveness, creativity, joy, peace and so much more. I learned from them and took away so much hope, so much joy, so much love, so much life. I believe that's what happens when you look at others through the eyes of the Father, past the seen and into the unseen like Paul talks about in Corinthians. The seen, this natural realm, is temporary. Yet the unseen lasts for eternity, it is superior to the seen. As you think of these young men, pray for them but do not pity them. Rather, ask Father God to let you see them through His eyes. Pray they would all encounter the Father in a new way and pray they would grow deeper in their love for God as He continues to lavish His love upon them.


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